Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Laela's Preschool Graduation

Laela turned five in May and had a special graduation ceremony for finishing up at Montreat Morning School.  Laela loved her time there with special friends and teachers.  She learned and grew so much in the two years she was there.  We are so grateful for Ms Jamie and Ms Katie for all they did to nurture and love her as well as teach her new and important things they last two year.  Here are a few pictures of graduation.  We love you Laela and are very proud of you.

May Babies

Our kids, Alathea and Cord were born in May, two years and one day apart.  This year Laela is 5, with kindergarten in the near future, and Cord is 3.  We had several celebrations with family and also a friend party.  This year their friends were dropped off to play games, eat cake and open presents.  I tried to plan some fun games, but when it came down to it, Hayne turned on the sprinklers and let them go crazy.  I think that was exactly what they needed.  A very happy birthday to my sweet kids.  We love you so very much!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

Here are the pictures of our annual trip to Florida with the Johnson side of the family.  This year everyone was there as a special gift from my parents for my dad's 60th!  The highlights were: popsicles out by the pool, going to the beach, bedtime stories with Nonnie, fishing on the canals, eating lots of great food, reading several books, and discussing 'Uber Facts' after the kids went to bed.  Thanks Mom and Dad for another great vacation!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

Here are some of our fun snap shots from Christmas morning, our first year all together at our house.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This year we spent Thanksgiving with Hayne's side of the family.  His parents live down in Landrum, South Carolina, on a beautiful horse farm.  Here are some great pictures of the family, including a new addition to arrive for Brad and Elizabeth in March of 2013. There is so much to be thankful for this and every year.

Superhero Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for any kid, and Black Mountain certainly does it right.  Between birthday parties, school parties, and the actual trick or treating, it was a full week of costumes and candy.  Here are a couple pictures of the kids in the their costumes.  They were the best superheroes ever.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Everybody Dance Now

This fall Laela is enrolled in her first ever dance class. It is a modern dance class that she goes to every Tuesday evening with her friends Bella Rose and Ellen.  My friend Sunday, Bella Rose's mom, did the leg work to find a good place for the girls to take lessons and Becky, Ellen's mom, and I jumped on board.  From the day I told Laela about dance until her first lesson, she asked regularly about it.  We had to buy her a leotard and tights and so of course she tried them on every time I would let her.  Even now, after three weeks of lessons, she still wakes up asking if today is dance.  I am glad she likes it so much, but I had a feeling it would be a good fit for her.  It would not surprise me if she dances for a long time, but there will be no pressure from me.  I hope she tries a lot of different things to experience them and figure out what she likes best, but for now she is dancing and loving yet another reason to be with her friends.  

Waiting on the porch to go to her first lesson

Warming up

I had to add this one of Hollings.  She cracks me up!!

Laela, Bella Rose and Ellen

Beautiful Girls!!